As weird as it may sound,

I love me too much to put myself through anything damaging. The only ones I could sacrifice myself for are family and extremely close friends. Other than that, I love me too much. One day, someone could change my mind. Right now, I’m going to be as selfish as possible. 

So much going on in my mind. I want to just have peace in my mind. I want to be able to stop over thinking. I’m probably causing myself to get anxiety right now. It’s summer. It’s supposed to be relaxing, but I guess when you have summer school and you’re nearing the end of college, anxiety just kicks in once again. 


btw my boyfriend, who is black, is being accused by his coworkers and manager about being involved in the lootings and everything else happening in ferguson strictly because he is black. we only live not even 20 minutes away but the black community surrounding ferguson is also being accused and interrogated literally just because they are black. racism is still here. this will not be on the news or on the internet. keep spreading the word.

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She earned her stripes and they put her on the set

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I’m not ready

I would be kidding myself to say that I was ready, but now I’m more accepting of it. I don’t know what is in store for me, but I think it’s time for me to go on a different kind of journey. I want to see the world, and I feel like I would benefit from it. You meet the people you meet in life because they reflect pieces of you. They reflect the wants and needs that you desire. They reflect the ideas and beliefs you want to see in yourself. I’m ready to see myself in other people. I want that journey to begin now. 

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9, Episode 9

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What if it was supposed to happen, but we didn’t do anything about it? Are we missing an opportunity because of our fears?